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  1. Traveler

From the album Cornucopia

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Contemporary Folk. Acoustic Folk. Singer-Songwriter.

A song about traveling the world. Written at the age of 18 shortly before my first trip abroad without family - a study abroad in London 1999.

John Henry Sheridan - Guitar & Vocals
Lina Tsaklanganos - Viola
Produced by Jason Hills



Sometimes I wish that I were a traveler,
than my life would be more free
Enjoy each day as they come and go
without responsibilities
Travel the roads as I see fitting,
love the girls that will love me
Dance when times are merry,
and leave when things get to me

I want to travel around
I want some new sights and sounds
So nothing will matter
except the road before me
I want to travel around

Sometimes I dream that I were a traveler
and I would wander aimlessly
Through woodland and desert I'd travel
if the urge so struck me
I would sing with drunks at taverns,
play them songs for their money
Sleep at inns with wooden beds
and run with wolves wildly


Sometimes I feel like I am a traveler,
as if my life were carefree
Sometimes I act like I am a traveler,
and I do whatever I damn please