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Hello, I am John Henry Sheridan, and this site is dedicated to my music and my passions (more to come soon). I am slowly but steadily filling in this site beginning with my VIDEO section. 

Please enjoy browsing around!

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Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep.7 (06/30/20) 
Theme: Family-Friendly Summer Fun 

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Beautiful Butterfly 
Beach Ball 
4th of July 
Surfin' USA - Beach Boys 
Pretty Cool in the Pool 
July Firefly 
We Know the Way - song from "Moana" 
Thunder & Lightning 
August Rainbow 
Cobwebs in the Loft 
Kokomo - Beach Boys

Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep. 8 (07/07/20) 
ジョンヘンリーシェリダンとの歌の時間 エピソード8(07/07/20) 

Theme: Japan 

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Te no Hira no Taiyou ni / 手のひらを太陽に 
Totsugeki Rock / 突撃ロック 
Furusato / ふるさと 
Tanabata / 七夕 
Tsubasa wo Kudasai / 翼をください 
Chisa na Sekai / 小さな世界 
Shima Uta / 島唄 
Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro / ゲゲゲのキタロー 
Ue wo Muite Arukou / 上を向いて歩こう 
Yosaku / ヨサク 
My Way / マイウェイ

Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep.6 (06/23/20) 
Theme: Cornucopia 

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Lead Me On 
John Fogerty 
Lack of Faith 
Rainy Day 
You May Be Right - Billy Joel 
Genuine Article 
My Great Excape 
When It Rains 

Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep.5 (06/16/20) 
Theme: Father's Day / Memory Lane 

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"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" - Norworth/Von Tilzer 
"Beautiful Boy" - John Lennon 
"No Son of Mine" - Genesis 
"Centerfield" - John Fogerty 
"There But for Fortune" - Phil Ochs 
"Father and Son" - Cat Stevens 
"Sweet Baby James" - James Taylor 
"Rooster" - Alice in Chains 
"Cats in the Cradle" - Harry Chapin 
"Daddy" - John Henry Sheridan

Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep.4 (06/09/20) 
Theme: Bklyn Folk Era / B-Sides...Why Not? 

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"Wandering Man" 
"Homeward Bound" - Simon & Garfunkel 
"The People That I Hate" 
"Best Friend" 
"New York State of Mind" - Billy Joel 
"Scenic Route" 
"Directionless Existence" 
"Take It Easy" - Jackson Browne 
"King for a Day" 
"Songwriter's Song" 
"Dinah" - Jazz standard

Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep.3 (06/02/20) 
Theme: Metalmorphoses / Acoustic Heavy Metal Covers 

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"Children of the Grave" - Black Sabbath 
"Flight of Icarus" - Iron Maiden 
"A Little Time" - Helloween 
"Spiral Architect" - Black Sabbath 
"Revelations" - Iron Maiden 
"For Whom the Bell Tolls" - Metallica 
"Future World" - Helloween 
"The Wizard" - Black Sabbath 
"Eagle Fly Free" - Helloween 
"The Fight Song" - Metal Church 
"Right Now" - Van Halen 
"Hallowed Be Thy Name" - Iron Maiden

Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep. 2 (05/26/20) Theme: Brazil / World 
Hora da música com John Henry Sheridan Ep. 2 (26/05/20) Tema: Brasil / Mundo 

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Até o Fim 
Vivir Mi Vida 
Batendo na Porta do Céu 
Pais e Filhos 
Eagle Fly Free 
Era Um Garota Que Como Eu 
Heal the World 
Eu Sei 
Te Esperando 
We Will Rock You  / They Don't Care About Us 

Song Time with John Henry Sheridan Ep.1 (05/19/20) 
Theme: "Nearly Forgotten" / "Hodge Podge" + Covers 

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Post-Midnight Meandering 
Good Enough - Cyndi Lauper 
Where Am I Going 
Hey Hey My My - Neil Young 
Would You 
Top of the World 
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix 
How About It 
This Long Road 
Redemption Song - Bob Marley 

Latest Release

"Hodge Podge" - 2020

John Henry Sheridan; Produced by Lunatrek

New album of old archival material. Experimental Pop-Rock Fusion from the early 2000's. 


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This site is a work in progress! Please bear with me as I work on making the shift from one central website to two distinct ones. If you'd like to have a fuller experience of who I am please visit

"What if our own Earth was the best place to be ... ?

"What if our own Earth was the best place to be ... ?