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Welcome to John Henry Sheridan Music / John Henry Guitar Lessons

My name is John Henry and I am a guitarist, singer-songwriter, teacher and author. I help people to enjoy music in their lives in a healthy and happy way. Whether you are someone who is visiting this site to learn more about how to play the guitar, or whether you are here to experience my music,  videos and message, a big welcome to you! 

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Are you a beginner guitarist looking for a SIMPLE & FUN way to get started on the guitar?

Are you a guitar teacher frustrated with finding a successful and enjoyable method to get your beginners off on the right foot?

Find out more about learning the guitar with the Single String TAB Method...

Learn to Play "Happy Birthday to You" on a Single String!

Just click on the link below to access a free PDF. And then watch the video for some extra assistance in learning this super popular tune.

"Happy Birthday to You" - Single String Song A single string version of this super famous melody. 1.85 MB

Watch "Marching Marshmallows" Official Music Video