Hello and welcome! My name is John Henry Sheridan. I am a native of Brooklyn NY and in terms of my public presence, I'm a kid-friendly author, singer-songwriter, and guitar teacher. In summary my story is one of chasing the rock star dream, getting halfway there and realizing that there is a simpler and much more profound path of life awaiting me. I am currently focusing on health, gardening, writing, amateur carpentry, and homeschooling my son Kai.

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Hello Friends, Special Share: The first iteration of this song was written in my mother’s basement during the January blizzard of 1996. In December 2010, we had a one-off reunion jam and recorded the drums “just in case”. About 13 years later we’ve finished the track. Since its conception it’s been a nearly-28 year journey to release this. I’ll say it - EPIC. Enjoy!

This piece has been an enduring challenge for me. Most of my classical guitar works have actually… lol.

Ever since my wife Yoko and I lived as humanitarian volunteers in Brazil (2010), there have been some Brazilian songs that remain close to my heart. Some friends taught me about the band Engenheiros do Hawaii and I became a fan. I’ve enjoyed playing their song “Até O Fim” since that time. Finally I have created and released my own official version (March 2023).

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There's a lovely coffee shop 2 blocks down from us that has been hosting a monthly open mic night. I had the fortune to be ther featured performed this past January (2023). 

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Song recorded in Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY around winter 2007-2008. Video filmed in Poconos, PA in November 2021. “Awakenings” was one of my earlier acoustic songs written around 2000 shortly after my first breakup.

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