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  1. Anthem

From the recording Cornucopia

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Robert Benson - Drums
Deryck Clarke - French Horn & Backing Vocals
Konstantin Medyuk - Bass
John Henry Sheridan - Guitar & Lead Vocals



To love in the future I raise my glass
In the hopes that the loves that I have will last
As if life was more like it should be
But there's no point in dwelling in the past

Now we don't talk as loud as we used to
And we don't walk as proud as we used to
These days we're living much more moderately
But not because we choose to...no no

But nothing's quite as bleak as I make it
I'm trying everyday to learn to take it
To deal with our hardships and our failures
I'd pretend I was OK if I believed I could fake it

So I'm sending out all my hopeful spirit
To anyone with the heart or the ears to hear it
A message that life's worth living
That there's goodness and love in the world
It's only a matter of getting near it

This is my song of hope for this generation
These are my words to those
who took a vacation from life
I just want you to know that I love you all
I just thought you should know
that I still think of you
Each and everyone of you

I know life's sad
I guess you gotta be glad
I know life's sad
I guess you gotta be glad
for whatever it is you have