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  1. John Fogerty

From the recording Cornucopia

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Robert Benson - Drums
Konstantin Medyuk - Bass
John Henry Sheridan - Guitar, Bass & Vocals


“John Fogerty”

Now I don't want to
write songs like everyone else
I'd rather make my way in this world
sounding like myself
I'm not your average
rocker in a club
But sometimes being too different
gets to be too much
That's why I'm...

Doin' it like Fogerty
Making music so economically
I'll tell you my life story
And I'll only use four chords
I'll be doing it like John Fogerty
Making music so economically
And I won't regret anything I've said
Or anything I've done...no, no, (no)

Sometimes I get jaded
and I feel like a nobody
Like my glory has gone and faded,
like the good life's already history
But I'm still alive and kicking,
still livin' out a dream
And I'll play for you 'til the sun comes up
if that's what you want from me
And I'll be...


whoa woah woah yeah yeah yeah
woah woah yeah yeah yeah
woah woah yeah yeah yeah

The stars are out
and there's a crowd with me in here
We've shared some laughs and some smiles, we payed the same price for our beer
And the night is young, we're all having fun and we've already had a few
Getting' comfortable, just one problem,
Jesus Christ, someone get me another brew
So I can continue...


John Fogerty!
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah