1998 Excerpt 2 - Autobiography - My Life in Context [1980-2020]

By June I was gleefully handing out homemade Beauty & Chaos cassette tape demos to people at school and in any social environments. The three songs on the demo consisted of “Beauty and Chaos”, “Life” and “Grim Reality”. It was a somewhat diversified collection of songs featuring heavy riffs, melodic guitar lines, vocal harmonies, hardcore influences, fast tempos and guttural growls. We continued to play in clubs. We played at least one show without a bass player and then we asked Jeremy to come back and fill in on bass as a favor to us so that we could play some more shows. While perhaps we were all blindly imagining that somehow the band would continue after high school, this fragile dream slowly proved itself to be an illusion by the summer time. Our bassist position was not officially filled. Keyboardist Jason Hills was going away to college. Drummer Jack Longman was increasingly becoming interested in other things including playing drums in his friend Lee Lallito’s band Mr. Jackfrost. Judd Diamond was on his own personal journey of exploration. And I was set to attend Brooklyn College’s Conservatory of Music beginning in the fall.   

In late August I attended my first classes at Brooklyn College and from very early on I loved it! For me school progressively got more interesting. Elementary school was ok, high school was very good and college was great! One of the cool factors that sold me on college was that I was able to buy a coffee and bring it into class and drink it there! I’m not sure what gave me the idea that this would be ok, maybe I needed to drink my coffee and I was running too late to drink it beforehand. Anyway, I walked into that first math class with a sweetened Dunkin Donuts coffee with milk. My head was gleefully sparkling with caffeine as the teacher described to us the artistic relevance and universal significance of the Fibonacci sequence and the golden mean. I was going to love college, I could tell!

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