1994 Excerpt 2 - Autobiography - My Life in Context [1980-2020] 

By the beginning of 1994 I had begun jamming with my neighbor Jack Longman. I’d play guitar and he would play drums. We called ourselves Impact. These jam sessions were fun and while he was newer to playing music than I was, we were managing to work together and create some pretty cool sounds. “Jam sessions” as we called them, would often take place on Saturdays although weekday jam sessions were also known to happen on occasion. At that age, Friday the 13th was a big deal since we loved the horror movie series as well as the occult tv-series. As it happened in 1994 Friday the 13th fell in May. The next day was one of our regular Saturday jam sessions in “The Basement”[1]. It so happens that Jack and I stuck a blank cassette in the tape deck and recorded this jam session. The surviving recording is quite noisy and without clear form, but within this recording can be heard the sound of two young people very eager to figure out what this rock music thing was all about and to make an “impact” (pun intended) in the world at large. The beginnings of a song called “Except”, which would come to live with us for years in ever-changing versions, can be heard for the first time on this recording. Jack picked up the recording device several times and gave audio-journal style updates into it while I continued to wail on my electric cream-colored strat-style Rokaxe guitar. Jack mentioned how hard we had been working on the “Except” song and also pointed out how much better we would sound once we found other like-minded band members to fill out our two-man band. 

In the spring of 1994 Jack managed to arrange a jam session with two fellow rockers from neighboring Gerritsen Beach, Jasper Donahue (guitar) and Sam Pembroke (bass). Our jam (which occurred in “the basement”) was fun and memorable (for me anyway), but Jack and I did not end up playing together with Jasper and Sam as a band. While we had a pretty decent vibe with the two of them, things just didn’t seem to pan out when we tried to develop our musical relationship further. However, we did keep in touch throughout the years as we were fellow rockers in the larger local music scene.  

[1] “The basement” is the default term I will use to describe the basement of my mother’s house on East 35th Street, Marine Park, Bklyn, NY. It is where I spent the bulk of my formative years along with many friends as well as relatives. All my bands between 1992-1998 practiced there primarily.

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