Welcome to John Henry Guitar Lessons / John Henry Sheridan Music!
I am a guitar teacher providing guitar lessons with my unique techniques since I was 15 years old.
I am also a singer-songwriter and a rocker at heart.

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to learn a bit about my journey as a guitar teacher and my beliefs about what teaching the guitar is all about!   >>>

For beginners, I'd like to introduce my "Single String TAB Method" because I strongly believe that using just one string can allow you to feel that you are able to play guitar enjoyably and effectively. I've been creating many original songs that are fun to play and can help you to keep going!

For intermediate guitarists, check out Easy Songs Using 4 Chords or Less.



This is the book that I recommend as a first step for beginners who are brand new to the guitar or for those who have some experience but would really like to start fresh and ease into the guitar with something very simple and fun.

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